Coal Industry Struggling, Still Not Likely Going Away Soon

Another surge in discussion about climate change and increasingly frequent news regarding some coal companies’ financial struggles perhaps begs the question: are the days of coal numbered?

There have been some decries that the role of coal as an energy source would be all but eliminated within 15 years, to be replaced by alternative sources like wind and solar and tidal and geothermal ... That is, if the pledges made by the various governments are kept. The latest round of talks on the subject of climate change have given rise to the same set of pious pronouncements as have been offered in the past. In the future, there will be all kinds of tough decisions made about the provision of energy, and the world will change.

The part that is interesting is that all of these changes will take place well after the current crop of politicians are long gone. That means the next generation is supposed to make good on promises they didn’t make and had no impact on. It is highly unlikely these promises will be kept and highly likely that coal will be around a lot longer than 15 years.

- Chris Kuehl, Ph.D., NACM economist and co-founder of Armada Corporate Intelligence

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