NACM’s Credit Congress Opens with Talk of Improving Business Culture, Past Chairman Clark Winning Top Industry Award

The National Association of Credit Management (NACM) kicked off the first full day of its 119th annual Credit Congress Monday in St. Louis. The opening, General Session focused a lot on changes within the organization and improvement to its member resources, including the National Trade Credit Report, eNews and its ongoing lobbying work regarding federal bankruptcy reform through the organization’s Government Affairs Committee.

Keynote speaker Jim Knight, author of the book Cultures That Rock, told the session comprised of more than 1,000 trade credit and financial professional that the people within a company or a credit department and how much they buy into a positive culture that shape so much of performance. One of his ending points was to say managers had to work hard to create an atmosphere that makes people never want to go on another job interview or, as he put it, makes the employee want to get a tattoo of the company logo. Though Knight was unaware of the inside joke, that statement fed well into a session later in the day to present credit’s top professional in NACM’s 2015 Honors & Awards Program —and the winner of the most prestigious award (the Alice H.K. McGregor Achievement of Excellence), Jack Clark, CCE, proudly has the NACM logo tattooed on his arm…literally. Clark is well known in credit circles not just for serving as a past NACM-National Chairman and on many boards or committees, but for fighting to expand and highlight the role of credit throughout the greater business world.

Other NACM members highlighted during NACM’s Honors & Awards Ceremony for this year include: Jay Snyder, CCE, ICCE (O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction and 2014 Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management Student Leadership Award), Kurt Sorensen, CCE, CICP (CCE Designation of Excellence), Scott Woitas, CBF (CBF Designation of Excellence), Robert Verhage, CBA (CBA Designation of Excellence), Marilyn Rea, CCE (Mentor of the Year), Cheryl Ann Pinson, CCE, CICP (Instructor of the Year) and Anne Scarcella, CBF, CCRA (Student of the Year).

- Brian Shappell, CBA, CICP, NACM managing editor

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