Potential Staples Breach the Latest to Shake Confidence in Data Security

Just weeks after Home Depot joined the growing list of major retailers to be hacked, Staples may have experienced the same fate. Though company officials have been significantly more vague than companies like Home Depot and Target, Staples has acknowledged it is investigating the possibility of breach of payment card security.

Perhaps the most out-front on the potential breach was not company officials or mainstream media experts but, rather, a blogger (Brian Krebs) who wrote about suspicions arising from numerous banks regarding potential fraud incidents in some of Staples’ Northeastern region locations. This puts payment security and data information back among top news stories. While mainly only retail consumers were affected—though the Target breach started when access was gained during a hack against a vendor/supplier—this breach may lead to elevated concerns even in trade credit spheres, as noted in a feature article in the November/December edition of Business Credit. After all, more and more managers are storing credit data in Cloud-based solutions. Software and Cloud-services providers, however, believe any backlash will be muted in what a very different business-to-business spheres, even as an increase in questions is a natural response from potential users.

Said Chris Calvert, vice president of sales, marketing and client services at CreditPoint Software,“if people had questions before, it might have them asking more questions…but I don’t think it is shaking our customers’ confidence in the Cloud.”

- Brian Shappell, CBA, CICP, NACM staff writer

For in-depth coverage of recent data security breaches and their muted effect on B2B transactions, check out the feature article “Rumblings in the Cloud?” on page 16 of the November/December edition of Business Credit. The magazine is available here and is compatible with all smart devices and tablets. The printed issue should be arriving to most subscribers within the next week.

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