Study: US Biggest Story, Worldwide, in Gas Market Outlook

One of the primary takeaways in an international firm’s new study on gas markets is that the US shale gas “revolution” is nothing short of a phenomenon and should continue to be a force through most of the decade.

“Gas Market Outlook: July 2014” is Atradius’ first analysis of the topic since last summer, and its view on the United States as a gas player for at least the medium term is bullish, to say the least. Atradius gushed at the US’s favorable technical, financial and entrepreneurial circumstances, noting that a convergence of such factors has led to a 50% reduction in gas imports on a boom specifically in shale gas:

“We will see that the share of gas in the US energy mix has risen significantly, at the expense of oil and coal. This highlights that the US gas market has fundamentally changed…These developments are likely to last into 2018, as gas prices are expected to recover with the economic upswing, ongoing consumption growth in the power sector and environmental requirements driving more gas-fired power plants. The US will become gas self-sufficient.”

The rosy forecast is not without some caution to continue beyond late portions of this decade. Much of that could swing on the tastes of lawmakers and voters at large.

- Brian Shappell, CBA, CICP, NACM staff writer
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