By the Numbers: Big Week of Official Government Stats Ahead Throughout Globe

This week is slated to be a pretty rich in the way of data. The central banks of Japan and Australia will meet and both are under some pressure to do something to bolster their economies despite the fact that both central banks have largely spent their available ammunition. This is also the week that China releases its second quarter numbers, which are expected to be close to the target growth number of 7.3%. If there is a significant difference between what was expected and what is released, there will be some consternation. The most likely surprise would be that China is not growing as fast as expected, and that will upset those who have been counting on the Chinese to return to a more robust position.

There will also be data from the United States, including the latest retail numbers. These will be an opportunity to see if any of the newfound consumer confidence is translating into buying behavior. The housing construction starts numbers will be out as well and could signal whether that sector is continuing to slide or staging a rebound upon which the overall economy might be able to build.
There will also be a return to normal levels of productivity around the world now that the World Cup soccer tournament has concluded. The exception may be in Germany, where the celebrations of its victory appear to be in full swing.

- Chris Kuehl, PhD, Armada Corporate Intelligence

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