NACM's Credit Managers' Index Improves, Not Enough to Dispel Concerns

The Credit Managers’ Index (CMI) from the National Association of Credit Management (NACM), to be unveiled on the NACM website Wednesday, will show a slight upward trend in April. But it has yet to rebound to where it was in January.

Index of favorable factors improvements in April were barely enough to offset a concerning fall from among unfavorable factors categories, which are indicating definite signs of distress in the community of those receiving credit.

“Good news did not come out of the unfavorable factors and these will be the ones to watch in the next month or so,” said NACM Economist Chris Kuehl, PhD. “For the past several months, the most consistent part of the survey was the unfavorable factor index. Even as the favorable numbers slipped, there was no real evidence of mounting distress. Now there are concerns that overall business suffered a little more than expected in the last few months.” Importantly, however, overall CMI conditions remain in expansion territory. 

For a full breakdown of the manufacturing and service sector data and visuals, view the complete April 2014 report at starting April 30. CMI archives may also be viewed on NACM’s website at

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