NACM Survey: Recruiting Services Popular, but Results Mixed

The use of recruiters to fill or find jobs in commercial credit appears to be quite popular, according to NACM's April Survey. The actual results delivered by placement services, however, were decidedly mixed, with many respondents reporting both positive and negative experiences.

When asked "have you or your company ever used a recruiting service to fill a credit-related position, or have you ever been cold-called by a recruiting service looking to do the same?" 64% of participants responded "yes" and 31% said "no," indicating that for most commercial credit professionals, recruiting and job placement services are a fixture in the industry.

"I was called just recently by a recruiter," said one respondent, echoing the comments made by several participants that had been engaged by a recruiter in the recent past. "They first asked if our company was in need of any positions filled in accounting or credit. When I said no, they very professionally asked me to keep their name and number if I should find myself seeking employment or if my company needed help in the future," they added, noting that this same scenario has played out before, only with a much less pleasant outcome. "I have had calls where they were very unprofessional and end the call. If I receive calls that are professional and not a solicitor type call, I do not mind."

Others noted that the value of a recruiting service depends on the type of position a company is trying to fill. "It has been my experience, for lower level A/R positions, the candidates have been good matches," said one respondent. "However, for a position in credit management or senior collections, the screening of the candidates has been questionable and disappointing. Does the recruiter really understand the roles and what is required to be a good fit?"

Similar questions rang in other participants' ears as well. To learn more about this month's survey results, check out this week's edition of NACM's eNews. Also NACM's May Survey will be posted soon, but in the meantime, please take the Credit Managers' Index (CMI) survey, which is open until close of business tomorrow.

- Jacob Barron, CICP, NACM staff writer

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