Federal Reserve VP to Speak Directly to NACM Members

As part of the Federal Reserve's continuing effort to study and improve electronic and other payment systems, NACM will host a free teleconference for its members next week.

The teleconference, Collaborating to Improve the U.S. Payment System, is slated for November 5 at noon (EST) and will feature Fed Senior Vice President of Industry Relations Sean Rodriguez discussing the Payment System Improvement: Public Consultation Paper report. The study outlines aspects of payment systems the Fed sees as problems, and is the start of a lengthy effort to improve systems. Rodriguez will also discuss the associated open study/questionnaire about payment systems, which is now available for business professionals including trade credit managers, to complete online. Areas of particular Fed concern therein include fraud potential, international electronic payments and timeliness of funds availability. Rodriguez will also take member questions at the end of the hour-long event.


For more information on the NACM teleconference or to register, click here. For the full Fed report, visit FedPaymentsImprovement.org. For more information on each of the six associated Fed Town Hall meetings, click here.

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