NACM Unveils Certified Credit and Risk Analyst Designation to Focus on Advanced Financial Analysis

New learning tracks and the evolution of professional designations are part and parcel for keeping up with the varying and progressing needs of today’s business professionals, including those in credit. After a review of existing programs, and careful consideration and development, NACM announced in March the latest in a long line of world-class program designations: The Certified Credit and Risk Analyst (CCRA).

The CCRA is unlike NACM’s other longtime designation programs in that it is a standalone program. It exists outside of NACM’s “Career Roadmap” that includes the Credit Business Associate (CBA), Credit Business Fellow (CBF) and Certified Credit Executive (CCE), the latter of which is still NACM’s top-level designation for members.

The CCRA was created after Financial Statement Analysis II was removed from the CBF designation, with the new requirements effective January 1, 2013. NACM’s Education Department updated the extracted course and renamed it Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretation and Credit Risk Assessment to better reflect its emphasis. The updated version is now considered by NACM to be the cornerstone of the CCRA.

“We realized that Financial Statement Analysis II wasn’t for everyone, and that it served as a bit of a roadblock to the CBF for some members. However, we also recognized that some credit department personnel need that in-depth, advanced financial analysis background, which is why this standalone designation was created,” said NACM President Robin Schauseil, CAE.

As with other designation courses, Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretation and Credit Risk Assessment can be taken by itself as a certificate session. However, earning the CCRA requires the completion of three courses: Basic Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis I and the new Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretation and Credit Risk Assessment. The methods available to complete each course vary and can be found under “Education” at The first opportunity to take Financial Statement Analysis, Interpretation and Credit Risk Assessment is a five-segment session and exam held at Credit Congress from May 18-23.

Though separate from the “roadmap” lineup of certifications, the CCRA will serve as key program for credit professionals tied to deeper financial analysis responsibilities, and for those who will be in the future. It is also designed to build background and add key skill sets for those already pursuing a designation. “If you’ve earned your CBA and want, or need more financial analysis skills, this is for you,” Schauseil said. “It’s a great precursor to the CCE even though it’s not a part of the NACM career roadmap. It’s also a great precursor for NACM's Graduate School of Credit and Financial Management.”

To learn more about the CCRA, visit Education at, or call 410-740-5560.

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