FCIB New York Roundtable Offers Creative Financing Solutions

Credit professionals looking for unique financing solutions should see where investors want to put their money. That was just one of the many insights offered during yesterday's FCIB New York International Roundtable, held at the offices of Lowenstein Sandler, LLP. During the event-ending panel, titled "Non-Traditional and Creative Methods for Receivables Management and Working Capital Finance," professionals from the brightest corners of commercial trade financing offered attendees some new ideas on how to approach managing their receivables.

Panelist John Barone of JP Morgan noted that credit professionals often fail to see the big picture in terms of how receivables are securitized and financed, cutting themselves off to a number of financing options. In essence, he made the point that creditors and their companies should look to areas where investors want to put their money, and investors are currently looking to invest in so-called high-yield markets. "When we discuss high-yield we mean any company that is rated BBB or less," said Barone. "If you were to look at a group of European high-yield names and you also look at the default rate and how those names as a portfolio have traded, the spread was astronomical."

Ultimately, the idea is that the greater the risk, the greater the reward, a fact that means greater profits for investors and thus greater access to unique financing solutions for companies looking to finance sales to this area. "Many of the credit professionals that we talk to don't look at this," said Barone. "They analyze those individual customers and they tend to not step back and think about things on a more macro basis. The market for high-yield risk in Europe is growing. Investors are looking to put their capital somewhere and they're looking for something they can also get a yield on their capital." Europe is one place where creditors can hope to increase sales while hedging their risks because investors are more interested in taking the risk of securitizing such transactions with puts and other financing options.

See more about this year's New York Roundtable in today's edition of NACM's eNews. For more information on FCIB's other educational and networking opportunities, click here.

- Jacob Barron, CICP, NACM staff writer


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