Best, Worst Cities for Business Credit Risk

Experian’s third-annual State of Credit report found that the national average business credit score, broken down by city, dropped 4.4% from last year to a level of 55. The following are the best and the worst from the study:

Best cities based on average business credit risk score (lowest) are as follows:

  1. Minneapolis, MN

  2. Madison, WI

  3. Wausau, WI

  4. Sioux Falls, SD

  5. Cedar Rapids, IA

--San Francisco and Boston also appeared in this top 10.

Worst Cities based on average business credit risk score (highest):

  1. Harlingen, TX

  2. Jackson, MS

  3. Corpus Christi, TX

  4. Shreveport, LA

  5. Monroe, LA.

--Memphis and Myrtle Beach also appeared in "bottom" 10.

Most improved average credit scores (for consumers):

  1. Bakersfield, CA

  2. Sioux Falls, SD

  3. Tyler, TX

  4. Wichita Falls, TX

  5. Fort Myers, FL

--Las Vegas and Dallas also appear in this top 10.

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