High Time to "Challenge How People Are Thinking" About Credit Departments

Angela Bradbury, ICCE, group credit manager at UK-based Innospec, Inc., and moderator of the first of five upcoming FCIB roundtable events focused on “The Credit Department as a Profit Centre” noted that there are two kinds of credit managers out there right now: “There are those with flair who are getting involved in the business [and big decisions] and the others who are operating in a very restrictive space.

Getting more involved in the company, getting your voice heard and advancing the role of today's credit professional are becoming not just wish-list type items for today's credit manager but, rather necessities.

"It’s not about going in the CFO’s office shouting and screaming, it’s about showing you’re an indispensible service," Bradbury said. "It’s not about making life difficult or easier, it’s about being a bigger part of the business’ bottom line.” Bradbury, like 2012 NACM Mentor of the Year Larry O’Brien, CCE, ICCE and a growing group of others, added that too many credit managers don’t push the agenda and confirm that his/her outlook and goals are still in line with those of upper management, the finance people or even sales.

The FCIB roundtable events, to begin on Sept. 13 at the Clerkenwell London with Bradbury, are designed to get credit people talking about how to sell the credit department’s value to others in a company, the “P.R.” it takes for this to work and how to assess the credit and risk assessment expectations that exist at your company (and how to react to them), among other topics. Subsequent events this fall in the FCIB series will be held in Amsterdam, Brussels, Zurich and Dusseldorf.

-Brian Shappell, CBA, NACM staff writer

For more information or to register for the first roundtable event in London, visit http://www.fcibglobal.com/events/event-calendar/details/125-the-credit-department-as-a-profit-centre-your-value-in-the-supply-chain-uk-london.html.

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