Credit Managers' Index for August Sees Large Improvement

The latest Credit Managers' Index (CMI) – set to be unveiled Thursday afternoon at – is one that carries much for which to be pleased. At the top of that list, is overall the CMI reading itself.

Statistics released later today will show the CMI reversing the downward trend of the last four months and potentially challenging the year’s best month results. Within the numbers, categories expected to have performed particularly well include the index of unfavorable factors. Therein, the biggest expected improvements are likely to be in accounts placed for collection, disputes and filings for bankruptcies

“It is far too early to declare that there has been a dramatic turnaround in the economy,” said NACM Economist Chris Kuehl, PhD. “The best that can be said about the current CMI number is that a declining pattern was thoroughly broken, and there is some reason to believe that this could be start of a much more positive trend than has been seen through most of the summer.”

-NACM Staff

(Note: The complete CMI report for August 2012 contains the full commentary, complete with tables and graphs and is available on the NACM web site. Credit and finance professionals who want to take the next survey will find it open September 17-21! Simply go to at any point during these dates. You also can sign up here to be reminded to take the survey on a monthly basis).

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