Hot or Not…Who is Moving in What Direction in Latest Business Risk Statistics

The following is a rundown of some recent statistics from numerous sources outlining factors such increasing or decreasing international credit risk, business environments, requests for credit reports and destinations for U.S. products and services.

Major export markets with the largest annualized increases in U.S. goods purchases (Source: Commerce Department): Panama (37.5%), Turkey (31.5%), Argentina (30.1%), Chile (29.1%), Hong Kong (29.0%), Honduras (27.8%), Peru (26.3%), Russia (26.2%), Brazil (23.5%) and Ecuador (22.7%).

Nations hosting the most businesses where FCIB members and customers have used/requested freshly investigated FCIB international credit reports (Source: NACM): China, India, Mexico (surging in June), Hong Kong, South Korea.

Countries that either saw a quarterly upgrade or removal from a negative watch list (source: Coface):
Slovakia, Indonesia, Nicaragua and the Ivory Coast.

New additions to quarterly positive watch list for business climate prospects (Coface): Indonesia: United States and the Ivory Coast.

Countries that have either been downgraded, removed from a positive watch list or placed under a negative one during the summer quarter (Coface): Czech Republic, India (though still at a healthy A3 rating overall), Spain, Italy, Cyprus and Guatemala.

List of downgraded or negative watch listed countries for the quarter for respective business climates  (Coface): India, Argentina and Syria.

-Brian Shappell, CBA, NACM staff writer

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