CMI Preview 1: January Maintains Gains, Signaling Potential for Staying Power

The January Credit Manager’s Index (CMI), to be unveiled Tuesday afternoon, is expected to illustrate a small positive increase from the holiday-assisted December index. It’s much like the positive out of the gates found by the CMI in January 2011 – but, this time, some key statistics within seem to predict a better follow-up to the strong start than one year ago.

Chris Kuehl, PhD, National Association of Credit Management (NACM) economist, noted the parallels between this and last year, but also spelled out the potential “staying power” behind this year’s January finish that was absent by Spring 2011. New sales in January will see a bump in the not-yet-public CMI results. In fact, January’s sales numbers will show themselves to be the best in many months. That said, nothing is a guarantee going forward in this up-and-down economic recovery

 “The next few months will bear watching to see if this sales trend is repeated and sustained longer than it was in 2011,” said Kuehl. One area Kuehl seems to believe will be a harbinger of a better late winter/early spring in 2012 is a bump in new credit applications:

 “The jump from December [to January] was nothing short of spectacular,” Kuehl foreshadowed. “The trend toward more credit applications suggests a lot of new activity; it is equally encouraging that there was a gain in the number of credit applications accepted.”

(Note: The online CMI report for January 2012 contains the full commentary, complete with tables and graphs and will be available Tuesday. CMI archives may also be viewed online).

Brian Shappell, NACM staff writer

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