NACM National Trade Credit Report Draws a Crowd a Credit Congress

The Expo hours at the 2011 Credit Congress found large crowds mulling about and among the most common questions fielded at the National Association of Credit Management booth was “Where can I find out more about that new national credit report thing?”

NACM proudly unveiled the National Trade Credit Report, featuring credit scores and “days beyond terms” statistics among tools designed to provide specific trade payment data drawn from a database of more than seven million trade lines, during Credit Congress’ packed Super Session. Though already available, it was the first major public announcement of the evolved product. What followed was a steady stream of credit professionals looking for a demonstration and to ask questions about it. 

Said Bill Meeker, president of NACM Tampa: "We’re bringing this report out emphasizing the trade. When you get to talk about trade groups, you’re talking about pure industry trade, how they’re paying in their own industry. While it’s important to see other trades, the first need is ‘I want to see how they’re paying in my industry.’

(Note: To find an affiliate in your area that provides industry credit reports, visit More information about the creation of the NACM National Trade Credit Report and the importance of reliable credit rating information is available in the new, June Business Credit story “Industry Credit Reports Continue to Demonstrate Credibility; Take a Big Step” on page 30).

Brian Shappell, NACM staff writer

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