Preferences Talk on the Menu at Next Week's Credit Congress

NACM 2011 Credit Congress Speaker Bruce Nathan Esq., of Lowenstein Sandler PC, promised “major amounts of time” would be spent on the preferences issue because of time limits on such claims during legal-focused sessions at the annual conference.

“We’re in the middle of a preferences onslaught,” Nathan told NACM. “Given the uptick in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings in 2008 and 2009, we’re right in the middle of the storm for preference claims. There have been lots of recent cases, lots of discussions.” Among the cases likely to be cited heavily because of lessons learned from it is that of the Circuit City bankruptcy proceedings, said Nathan.

Nathan is among several expert bankruptcy attornies presenting at this year's Credit Congress. Check out this week's edition of NACM eNews, available Thursday afternoon, for the full story. And check our blog throughout next week for regular updates live from Credit Congress in Nashville (running May 22-25).

Brian Shappell, NACM staff writer

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