CICP Road Diary: Entry #8 Studying

Sure, this whole CICP course thing has been cool, but where in the course material does it say anything about having to take a test? Riddle me that, hmm?

Oh wait, it’s right there. Page one. Well that was clumsy of me.

Yes, I’m only kidding. I’ve been fully aware of the test’s looming presence throughout my time spent wending my way through each module and each post-test. Luckily, star professor Paul Beretz has done a fine job giving us the hints we’ll need to study properly, hints that I’ve relied on heavily in my own review efforts.

This isn’t to say that he’s given us the answers. He hasn’t, and I would imagine that him doing so would defeat the purpose of a test, but what we do have is an idea of what the test will look like and what to focus on when studying ahead of time.

It’s an open book test, and I can still remember a time during my educational career when that meant “barely even a test at all,” but, in the case of the CICP, the number of questions, the type of questions, and the sheer volume of material makes it an open-book test in name only. Sure, when I take it, next week (the last possible week in which to take it), I’ll have access to all the materials I’ve pored over numerous times before (via the internet), but that’s a lot of text people, something like hundreds of pages if I decided to go whatever the opposite of green is and print everything out for my own use. I’ll have to know things off the top of my head, or I won’t get everything done in time.

Speaking of time, I’ll have four hours to answer 100 multiple choice questions and 20 short answer questions. Apparently, the short answers should be really short. Paul has noted that simply writing more won’t get you a better grade on these questions, so it’s best to keep them brief so you have time to answer all of the questions. Coming from my point of view, in the world of professional writing, this is somewhat difficult to accept. In the world of professional writing, length equals credibility. If you can’t write a good article, at least write a really long one, right? I’m hoping I can buck the writer in me and aim for brevity when I take the exam.

Ok I was only kidding there too, but still, it’ll be important to remember that I have many other questions to answer when I’m working on the short answer ones. Typically, in the short answer, discussion questions in the post-tests, I’ve taken the time to indulge my own musings on whatever it is the question is asking for. I can’t do that in the test.

In any case, I’m going through the modules one by one now, stopping at the summaries and especially the post-tests for some extra review. I’ll probably check in once more before actually taking the exam, and then once again after, but if I don’t see you before I dive in, head first to the 4-hour CICP test, be sure to wish me luck.

Till next time,


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  1. HiJake,

    I have not followed all of your posts but have read a few. Although I did not feel the course content and working through the modules all that difficult, I will say it amazes me how there are always a few that were always at least two modules ahead !... those people need a life or at least a job. Just kidding I was enveyous. I will say this about the test. I felt that I was more than prepared have completely re-read all of the modules and actually flagged with post it notes any material that I thought would be on the test for quick reference. I was certain that I would be able to work though the entire test and have time to go back to look up any answers that i was unsure about. Not the case ! I still found that I had to burn through the last 15 questions or so to finish on time. It was very challenging to say the least. i only wish we could see our test scores. I was very curious if all my additional prep paid off or if I passed by the skin of my teeth. I inquired with FCIB and someone told me they would try to find our for me but I did not get a response.

    Good Luck, I am sure you will soon be hanging your certificate on the wall.