CICP Road Diary: Entry #7 Live From the I.C.E. Conference

Well, technically, I’m not writing this “live” from the I.C.E. Conference. That title just sounded better than “Live, Several Hours After Returning Home from the I.C.E. Conference.”

In any case, after a rainy, mildly bumpy flight back to Baltimore, I returned from the International Credit Executives (I.C.E.) Conference, the first iteration of such an event that I’ve attended after fully completing my CICP course requirements, save the test. That’s right, I’m all done the course, although I had a mini-panic attack as I left for the Conference last week that there was something I had missed. There wasn’t, and now, all that’s left is the test.

The conference, I’d say, was an unqualified success. Lots of new faces as far as I could tell, and a lot of very intelligent people talking very intelligently about very intelligent things. One of the best parts was checking people’s name badges and recognizing their names from the CICP comment boards and group discussion pages. It made for some sudden, “hey, I know you!” moments, but they were all in good fun. I got to chat with them and now have even more of an incentive to dig back through the discussions, since now I have faces to go with names.

Just being able to kind of exchange with people whose expertise is head and shoulders above mine was pretty invigorating, and I think I have the CICP course to thank for that. Sometimes, when I cover a conference, if something comes up that I don’t really understand, I’ll make sure I get the whole quote, then look up what I didn’t get later on. That didn’t really happen that often this time around; every issue that was discussed was also covered, both practically and conceptually, in the course. I’m not saying in any way that I stacked up with my fellow attendees in terms of credit and risk management ability, but I could hang with them in a conversation, and even say something insightful from time to time, which is a good feeling.

I even asked a question during one of the forums, which is big for me. I never do that.

Anyway, the panel discussions were thorough and largely question-and-answer based, which was great. Brazil seems to be the new Venezuela, in as far as it now holds the title of “most-discussed country” at FCIB events, a title that belonged to Venezuela for several years, I think.  With Brazil, the chatter is more positive though (how could it not be?). With Venezuela, it was a list of lamentations and complaints about Hugo Chàvez, which were always interesting, but redundant after a while. Nice to see a new face take the top spot.

Look for more coverage in eNews and in Business Credit magazine too (with pictures there). Hope everyone who attended had a similarly pleasant time. I’ll be back later after I go studying for the test, which I’m thinking I’ll take next week, if I can handle it. 

Till next time,


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