CICP Road Diary: Entry #6 Nearing the End

Well, the end of the course is in sight.

I plan on blogging for at least the next few weeks, as I prepare to take the CICP exam, and also hob-knob with other current CICPs at next week’s International Credit Executives (I.C.E.) Conference. I’d like to take this opportunity though to just go ahead and give myself, and everybody else who’s taking the course, has taken the course, or will take the course, a giant pat on the back.

This is a little premature, as I could fail the CICP test miserably, in which case all of these blog entries would be mysteriously deleted, and filed away until next season, when I’ll try again and act like this never happened, but still, I think the course is more of an accomplishment than people might think it is before they’ve taken it.

I thought about it, and at first, I might’ve believed the same thing; that an online course, while certainly convenient, wouldn’t carry the same rewarding feeling that comes from attending and completing a regularly scheduled class in person.  I was wrong though. Even though I’m about to go through the last two modules (on credit insurance and the future of international credit and risk management), pressed right up to the deadline for doing so (Sunday is the last day, I believe), I feel like I’ve actually been a part of something, and it’s a pretty good feeling.

Sure there are many things I wish I had been better about, but I’ll detail those in a later post, when I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts and see what an international conference is like after you’ve taken the course. Right now, I’d just like to go ahead and selfishly congratulate myself. Then, and perhaps more importantly, I’d like to unselfishly congratulate everyone else in the course, or anyone who’s ever taken the course. Finally, I’d like to congratulate everyone else who will take the course. You’ve earned it, hypothetical, future students.

As far as workload is concerned, the last portions of the course are pretty reading-heavy, which is good. There are some interesting white papers that are tailored to this current edition of the course. They’ll be different when you take it, but that’s the point I suppose. The course, even in its very nuts and bolts, is doing its best to stay cutting edge. It does so pretty successfully I might add.

See you all in Chicago! Who’s going?

Till next time,


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